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Grass fed lamb for sale!

Oct. 29, 2016

Grass fed lamb and mutton for sale from our small family farm in Dane County, Wisconsin. For more information, please email

Arduino and sous vide

Dec. 7, 2014

Sous vide cooking does make some very fine food. I recommend checking it out. The principle summarized is precise temperature control allows for precise cooking. And so far it has proven itself. We truly did make the best steak ever (medium at 60 deg C for 90 minutes) and the perfect (65 deg C for 45 minutes) egg from this.

If you are curious Google it. If you want to make a sous vide cooker yourself check out Adafruit's tutorial.

Topbarebee is dead, long live the new Topbarbee!

Nov. 8, 2014

The old Topbarbee is down forever due to a Drupal exploit and there being no need for a public website here. Never fear as this uses no CMS, hence the less than professional appearance!

Never run a website as root, having not done so here probably saved everything as it does seem Drupal here was compromised! Luckily it was restricted to Drupal and its database (which also had its own unique user so seemed to restrict to that database).

If you run Drupal you might want to Google Drupal Compromised. Or just review this as it sounds like everyone who didn't update their site in 7 hours from the warning was hacked.